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Method, system, computer program and computer program product for monitoring data packet flows between virtual machines, vms, within a data centre

A Sefidcon, V Yadhav - US Patent App. 15/026,306, 2016 - Google Patents

The following invention relates to methods, systems, computer programs and computer program products for supporting said method, and different embodiments thereof, for monitoring data packet flows between Virtual Machines, VMs, within a data centre. The …


Apparatuses and Methods Related to Connecting Tunnels Through a Virtual Switch

…, EEF Casado, H Puthalath, A Sefidcon - US Patent App. 14 …, 2015 - Google Patents

Apparatuses and methods enable connecting tunnels channeling data flow from a user terminal and to a mobile network through a virtual switch in a network device which is configured to provide a service by processing data in the data flow. A method (300) …


Layer 3 Service Implementation in Cloud Servers and Method

…, EEF Casad, H Puthalath, A Sefidcon… - US Patent App. 14 …, 2015 - Google Patents

A method, computer environment and cloud server configured to facilitate communication among plural networks established in the cloud server. The cloud server (400) includes hardware components (802) configured to process and store information; a hypervisor (430) …


Methods and managers for multi-layer cloud management system

A Roozbeh, A Sefidcon - 2014 - diva-portal.org

A method for managing a multi-layer cloud seeks a resource source able to provide customer-requested cloud resources within a first group of resource sources at one layer of the multi-layer cloud. A resource source is a data center or a group of resource sources. If …






Fog computing: Data analytics and cloud distributed processing on the network edges

…, CC Miers, JE Mångs, A Sefidcon - … Conference of the …, 2016 - ieeexplore.ieee.org

The term fog computing was coined in 2012. However, the concept of pushing data and application logic to the network edges is not a novelty. Similar proposals were observed with edge computing, from the early 2000s, and cloudlets, from 2009. In fact, the cloudlet concept …


Cloud networking: An infrastructure service architecture for the wide area

P Murray, A Sefidcon, R Steinert… - 2012 Future Network …, 2012 - ieeexplore.ieee.org

We present an architecture for cloud networking, the provision of virtual infrastructure in a multi-administrative domain scenario, where data centre and network operators interact through defined interfaces to provide seamless virtual infrastructure. To support this scenario …


Negotiating on-demand connectivity between clouds and wide area networks

H Puthalath, J Soares, A Sefidcon… - 2012 IEEE 1st …, 2012 - ieeexplore.ieee.org

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) provides the capability to deploy infrastructure on demand, but today there are gaps in the IaaS model for network connectivity, especially when user and/or application require guaranteed connectivity between the deployed infrastructures …


Self-organizing strategies for resource management in Cloud Computing: State-of-the-art and challenges

…, D Sadok, J Kelner, A Sefidcon… - 2nd IEEE Latin …, 2013 - ieeexplore.ieee.org

Due to the growth of Cloud Computing, the supporting infrastructure has become more complex, and the centralized solutions suffer resource management difficulties due to the large scale and the dynamicity of the scenario. Consequently, distributed solutions have …


Resource monitoring in a Network Embedded Cloud: An extension to OSPF-TE

A Roozbeh, A Sefidcon, GQ Maguire - … of the 2013 IEEE/ACM 6th …, 2013 - dl.acm.org

A" network embedded cloud", also known as a" carrier cloud", is a distributed cloud architecture where the computing resources are embedded in, and distributed across the carrier's network. This idea is based on a transformation of carrier-grade networks toward a …


The use of distributed processing and cloud computing in agricultural decision-making support systems

…, JE Mångs, A Sefidcon - 2014 IEEE 7th …, 2014 - ieeexplore.ieee.org

One of the main challenges in agriculture is to sustainably meet the demand for food while preserving natural resources for future productions. Information Technology can assist producers to make better decisions by providing them with data and tools that enhance …


An approach to a synthesis of formal and visual description techniques for the development of real-time reactive systems

…, VS Alagar, F Khendek, A Sefidcon - … Conference on Real …, 2000 - ieeexplore.ieee.org

The paper presents notations for modeling real time reactive systems at different abstraction levels and provides mappings between these levels. The wide acceptance of UML in industry, as a unified notation applicable to the development of object based systems in a ...


A pragmatic approach for feature interaction detection in intelligent networks

A Sefidcon, F Khendek - Proceedings Eight International …, 1999 - ieeexplore.ieee.org

A new pragmatic approach for feature interaction (FI) detection for intelligent networks (IN) is presented in this paper. In this approach, the causes of FI given in Bellcore and European benchmarks serve as the starting point. The necessary information for feature description is …


Role-based self-appointment for autonomic management of resources

…, D Sadok, J Kelner, A Sefidcon… - 2014 28th …, 2014 - ieeexplore.ieee.org

Resource management in distributed environments, such as Cloud virtualized networks, is one of the main concerns of infrastructure providers. Despite many advantages of centralized solutions (such as the facility of implementation and management), their unique …


Distributed processing from large scale sensor network using Hadoop

…, JE Mångs, A Sefidcon - … Congress on Big …, 2013 - ieeexplore.ieee.org

Big data refers to large amounts of data, normally in unstructured forms, such as text, sensor data, audio, video, log files, and more. When collecting from a large number of nodes, sensor networks can produce large data sets. Climate and sensor network data are applied …


FID: feature interaction detection tool

A Sefidcon, F Khendek - Microprocessors and Microsystems, 2000 - Elsevier

Intelligent Network (IN) is a standard architecture developed by ITU-T and applicable to all telecommunications networks including PSTN, ISDN and PLMN. IN aims to ease the development and deployment of new telecommunications services. However, the problem of …

Integration of MIP-ROQS optimal path selection and MPLS

A Sefidcon, F Khendek - 2007 International Symposium on …, 2007 - ieeexplore.ieee.org

Users of IP-based services need mobility support and guaranteed quality of service while using multimedia application. MIP introduced by IETF supports IP mobility at network layer. MIP however uses triangle routing, which can be considered a traffic engineering issue. The …


A Cross-Layer Design Technique for QoS over Optimized Route in MIP

A Sefidcon, F Khendek - 2006 IEEE Annual Wireless and …, 2006 - ieeexplore.ieee.org

Mobile IP supports the increasing demand to connect portable computers to the Internet at any time and any place. In this context, optimizing the routes via which the packets travel is critical to the network performance while providing quality of service is critical for real time …

Exploiting Hadoop Topology in Virtualized Environments

…, WA Goya, JE Mangs, A Sefidcon - Proceedings of the 2014 …, 2014 - dl.acm.org

Virtualization is a key technique to make an environment easier to manage in terms of resource allocation. MapReduce is a programming model that provides an abstraction to perform distributed computation for large datasets. Hadoop is a well-known framework that …


Cloud distributed processing using Trade Wind

…, JE Mångs, A Sefidcon - … Congress on Big …, 2013 - ieeexplore.ieee.org

This paper presents the distributed processing feature for Trade Wind, a cloud deployment and management solution. The main objective of this research is to evaluate performance and feasibility of this feature for big data applications. A prototype has been created and …


Joint allocation of nodes and links with load balancing in network virtualization

…, G Gonçalves, D Sadok, A Sefidcon… - 2014 IEEE 28th …, 2014 - ieeexplore.ieee.org

Network virtualization is seen as the fundamental underlying technology for enabling future Internet services. Mapping virtual networks onto a substrate network is a well-known NP- hard problem. Therefore, some authors propose heuristic based strategies by allocating …


Scalable network-aware data centre federation

…, H Puthalath, B Melander, A Sefidcon… - 2012 18th IEEE …, 2012 - ieeexplore.ieee.org

This paper presents the problems for dynamically deploying applications in a multi-tenant federated environment where end-to-end isolation, on-demand scalability and Quality of Service are critical factors. In addition, we propose an “framework” that tackles these issues …

Exploiting Hadoop Topology in Virtualized Environments

…, JE Mangs, A Sefidcon - 2014 IEEE World …, 2014 - ieeexplore.ieee.org

Virtualization is a key technique to make an environment easier to manage in terms of resource allocation. MapReduce is a programming model that provides an abstraction to perform distributed computation for large datasets. Hadoop is a well-known framework that …


Towards Bandwidth Optimization in Fog Computing using FACE Framework.

…, TCM de Brito Carvalho, JE Mångs, A Sefidcon - …, 2017 - pdfs.semanticscholar.org

The continuous growth of data created by Internet-connected devices has been posing a challenge for mobile operators. The increase in the network traffic has exceeded the network capacity to efficiently provide services, specially for applications that require low latency …


Self-management of Live Streaming Application in Distributed Cloud Infrastructure

…, M Rodrigues, DFH Sadok, J Kelner, A Sefidcon - … Workshop on Adaptive …, 2014 - Springer

Currently, live streaming traffic is responsible for more than half of aggregated traffic from fixed access networks in North America. But, due to traffic redundancy, it does not suitably utilize bandwidth and network resources. To cope with this problem in the context of …


AINA 2014

MA RahmanT KunzH Schwartz - ieeexplore.ieee.org

… Joint Allocation of Nodes and Links with Load Balancing in Network Virtualization.....148
André Palhares, Marcelo Santos, Patricia Endo, Jônatas Vitalino, Moisés Rodrigues, Glauco Gonçalves, Djamel Sadok, Azimeh Sefidcon, and Fetahi Wuhib vi …



2014 IEEE 10th World Congress on Services

M Smit, E Stroulia - ieeexplore.ieee.org

… Wei Exploiting Hadoop Topology in Virtualized Environments .....301 Rosangela de Fatima Pereira, Walter Akio Goya, Jan-Erik Mangs, and Azimeh Sefidcon x Page 7. Workshop Session 3 …


Adaptive resource management and scheduling for cloud computing

F PopM Potop-Butucaru - Lecture Notes in Computer Science (LNCS) …, 2014 - Springer

… 165 Patricia Endo, Marcelo Santos, Jônatas Vitalino, Glauco Gonçalves, Moisés Rodrigues, Djamel FH Sadok, Judith Kelner, and Azimeh Sefidcon Towards the Impact of Design Flaws on the Resources Used by an Application …



Compute node communication in the fog: Survey and research challenges

V Karagiannis - Proceedings of the Workshop on Fog Computing and …, 2019 - dl.acm.org

… [15] Nelson Mimura Gonzalez, Walter Akio Goya, Rosangela de Fatima Pereira, Karen Langona, Erico Augusto Silva, Tereza Cristina Melo de Brito Carvalho, Charles Christian Miers, Jan-Erik Mångs, and Azimeh Sefidcon. 2016 …


Service mobility in mobile networks

H Assasa, SV Yadhav… - 2015 IEEE 8th International …, 2015 - ieeexplore.ieee.org

Page 1. Service Mobility in Mobile Networks Hany Assasa IMDEA Networks Institute, Madrid, Spain Universidad Carlos III, Madrid, Spain Email: hany.assasa@imdea. org Srinivasa Vinay Yadhav and Lars Westberg Cloud Core …

Monitoring and securing new functions deployed in a virtualized networking environment

B Mathieu, G Doyen, W Mallouli… - 2015 10th …, 2015 - ieeexplore.ieee.org

… Rep. UCB/EECS 28 (2009) [9] André Vitor de Almeida Palhares, Marcelo Anderson Santos, Patricia Takako Endo, Jonatas Vitalino, Moisés Rodrigues, Glauco Estacio Gonçalves, Djamel Sadok, Azimeh Sefidcon, Fetahi Wuhib: Joint Allocation of Nodes and Links with Load …


DLion: decentralized distributed deep learning in micro-clouds

R Hong, A Chandra - 11th {USENIX} Workshop on Hot Topics in Cloud …, 2019 - usenix.org

… [13] Nelson Mimura Gonzalez, Walter Akio Goya, Rosan- gela de Fatima Pereira, Karen Langona, Erico Au- gusto Silva, Tereza Cristina Melo de Brito Carvalho Charles Christian Miers, Jan-Erik Mångs, and Azimeh Sefidcon …





Toward Next-generation Data Centers

A Roozbeh - Licentiate thesis, KTH Royal Institute of Technology …, 2019 - researchgate.net

… I wish to thank my industrial supervisor Fetahi Wuhib at Ericsson, with special thanks to Azimeh Sefidcon for trusting me with this role. . I would like to thank Ericsson for giving me this great opportunity to be an industrial doctoral student …


Performance Modeling of OpenStack Controller

P Samadi Khah - 2016 - diva-portal.org

… 7 Acknowledgement I would like to thank and express my deepest appreciation to my supervisor Fetahi Wuhib and my manager Azimeh Sefidcon, who gave me this opportunity to work in Ericsson and guided me throughout this work. I, not only, learned from them technically …


A tool for measuring available network bandwidth in the cloud

GR Madanagopal - 2015 - diva-portal.org

… Your swift feedback and your support on various administrative issues helped me to complete the thesis. Azimeh Sefidcon, my manger at Ericsson Research for selecting me and providing the opportunity to carry out my thesis in such prestigious organization …


Role-based self-appointment for resource management in distributed environments

PT Endo - 2014 - repositorio.ufpe.br

… Jônatas Vitalino, André Age, and André Moreira; I thank also the Projects's receivers: Azimeh Sefidcon, Wuhib Fetahi, Bob Melander, and Jan-Erik Mångs; all GPRT people (in special Thiago Arara, Rodrigo Melo, Wesley, Eduardo César) and the GPRT support team …


A practical model checking approach using FormalCheck

L Barakatain - 2000 - spectrum.library.concordia.ca

… Hong Peng, and Mohammad Ishtiaque Khan. I thank my close friends Akbar Garjani and Azimeh Sefidcon who always suited me by their wise advice and by showing me a new meaning of life. I would like to thank my caring 





Towards Elastic High-Performance Geo-Distributed Storage in the Cloud

Y Liu - 2016 - diva-portal.org

… My secondary supervisors, Peter Van Roy, Jim Dowling and Seif Haridi, for their valuable
advice and insights. My advisors at Ericsson Research, Fetahi Wuhib and Azimeh Sefidcon. Their visions have profoundly impacted my research …


Software defined networking and tunneling for mobile networks

B Liu - 2013 - diva-portal.org

… Uppsok. Technology. Supervisors. Maguire Jr., Gerald Q., Professor. KTH, School of Information and Communication Technology (ICT), Communication Systems, CoS. Sefidcon, Azimeh. Ericsson AB, Sweden. Melander, Bob. Ericsson AB, Sweden. Fernandez, Enrique …






Feature interactions detection in intelligent networks

A Sefidcon - 1999 - spectrum.library.concordia.ca

Intelligent Networks (IN) have been introduced for rapid development and deployment of new services. However, these new services may interact with old ones in a negative and unexpected manner. This is known as feature interaction (FI) problem. In this thesis, a new …



Route selection for QoS over Mobile IP

A Sefidcon - 2007 - spectrum.library.concordia.ca

Influenced by the availability of powerful portable computers, and the expansion of Internet-based services, consumers demand mobile Internet. This implies supporting user mobility while sustaining network connectivity which in turn requires more sophisticated routing …


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