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Women in Leadership

Updated: Mar 14, 2020

Making decision, and taking responsibility for others at home comes naturally to women, but what about standing their ground in leadership roles outside home

The work environment is more turbulent than ever, industry transformation, digitalisation and convergence of IT and Telecom among other technical domains, making the leadership roles to be trickier than before. Now a leader, needs to have a clear vision, a strong influential skills, sharp strategy and a swift execution approach while taking care of the staff who are potentially challenged by state of the business environment.

The combination of those skills are naturally found in many female leaders. Adding resiliency in the face of negative reactions would make women the best leaders in Industry transformation times.

An Advantage to watch carefully

Even though the natural combination of many skills is a great advantage during changing times, the same combination is also the reason for extra flexibility and adaptiveness in an individual can benefit from in their leadership roles.

This flexibility and adaptiveness can be mistaken and perceived as lack of certainty and lack of solid ground for decision. This evaluation is specially by the ones who are accustomed to synonym a strong decision maker with never giving room to a new approach toward the same the same goal.

The more females in leadership roles in a longer timeframe will show the power of multi skilled leader combined with their strength to be flexible and adaptable to the demand of the environment. This is after all what the requirements of fast changing industries.

on the journey to get there, both women and men should be well aware of the new wave of leadership that is needed during the time of transitions in industries.

Welcoming female leaders, allowing them to use their multiple skills and redefining the notion of "strong leader" and the concept of "standing your ground" to take into account the skills and natural gift of female leaders is just the evolution of leadership concepts.

Strong leader is also flexible in their mindset, and standing your ground, is also standing strong when the shape and format of the ground is constantly changing.

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