• Azimeh

Science or Science Fiction

It is part of the human nature to try to predict the future, after all, that is what sets human apart from other species. Imagine if we had a crystal ball to look into and clearly see what comes next. Maybe it is for planning to be future proof, maybe it is just for fun or maybe it is that we have a view of the future and we just look for satisfaction of saying “I knew it! “

It takes a while before we realize, in any crystal ball we look, we will only see to the extent of our own imagination. It is the human imagination that has made the world what it is today. 

As human, we have pushed the limit of technologies to simplify our survival, our economic transactions, our engagements with others, our creativity, and our communication. We have built languages and models to express new concepts and abstract ideas. 

Can the technology actually help us to predict the future possibilities? Can we build a crystal ball with technologies we have today? Now, that is something worth more than few minutes of reflections. 

The technology is rooted in science and with each advancement in science, a new realm of technical innovation becomes feasible. For the ones in science, take the credit as we acknowledge, “technology is somewhat applied science”. For the ones in technology, you also take credit as “technology is true alchemy, an art to build something new with what is available”.

While one artistic combination of chemistry, physics and mathematic gave rise to VLSI (very large scale integrated circuits) for integrated circuit from thousands of transistors to built microprocessors which became the main ingredient of the digital world, the physics and chemistry behind the control of Qubit are at the verge of giving rise to quantum era, moving us from digital to quantum world. Would the quantum technologies make it easier to build the crystal ball? 

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