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You may have spent a long time wondering how could you be an artist, while you may have a false belief you were not blessed with much creativity. What about just liking the art and being happy about that.

I classify myself in the category of people who have no manifested form of art, at least nothing close to what is considered mainstream art, painting, performing art, or singing, something that mass public appreciate and connects to. What normally captivates us in various art form is the liberty, expansion and the imagination of the creator of the art form which makes us feel the liberty, expansion and even invites our imagination to run further than what the art form is depicting. Few things I have experimented with.

Waving Carpet

From building the carpet frame, to designing a pattern to choosing the colours and waving every single knot according to the designed pattern, every single step requires care and focused attention. Based on the carpet style, there is between 50 to 400 knot per square inch of the carpet, which adds easily to more than a million knots in a 2 square meters carpet. Is it patience, perseverance, care or creativity or the pure desire to build something that captures an endless beauty in a form. Certainly I am referring to the hand made carpets here, building the machine to wave carpet is another type of art I will get to soon. In hand made carpets, while waving the knots of a carpet, and following the pattern not to miss the design, you are fully immersed in the experience and that is when your creativity flows through your fingertips and shine through what you are waving.


Every single movement of a dancer is counted, and well calculated in the full choreography, precise with sequence and timing and rhythm of music, all logical sequence but not mechanical. A dance would not look natural neither beautiful if it is just the sequence of steps one after another. Remembering choreography for a dancer is tricky like memorising an speech. The dancer need to remember the steps so well than he/she can forget about counting, he has to become one with the dance. I have met dance teachers who write the sequence of the steps after they allow the dance to happen, almost like a music artist that translate the melody in their head to notes and write on the paper. Creativity is of another texture that we translate and deploy in a context, whether it is in waving a carpet or performing a dance.


Is yoga really an art? what is artistic about it? what is the creativity element? in Martial arts similar to the dance, there are steps, and design of a sequence of actions and precision of movement. However, here also there is another element that enters the sequence of steps in martial art, while the dance brings about the beauty, yoga and martial art, brings the mastery of power and control, patience and focus. Exercising power and controlling your energy is not in steps, it is something beyond the steps.

Game Theory

Mathematic is filled with formulas, logic sets and rules. Everything makes sense, two plus two is always four. Game theory is about building mathematical models of strategic interactions for a defined objectives by a defined set of rules. A little similar to martial art that the action of the opponent will have an impact on how you will choose to make your next physical move. From prisoners' dilemma to volunteers' dilemma, these are the games that could be modelled mathematically and it is rather easily proven what will be the result of the game if it is played by the rules. What is artistic about it? it is live choices, and it is mind boggling, and it is what we do every single time we make decision during the day, even though we don't call it game theory and we don't mathematically model it.


Like a carpet weaver, the speaker chooses every word, and designed the content, like a dancer, a powerful speaker, know exactly what he wants to say, like a martial art champion, he can adjust his way of speaking to the reaction of opponents (the audiences) and like a game theorist he know where he wants to get if he is going to be successful at delivering his message. It seems in all forms of activities so far, the details, the design, the real time adjustment and the clear objective appears everywhere.


Technology is based on science, like a painter an technical innovator, has a canvas and set of pens and colours, an objective in mind and needs to thing about every detail while not loosing the sight of the big picture design. The innovator has also to see the interaction of the piece of technology he is building and the reaction of business environment, and readiness of the market to adapt it. He needs to have a clear strategy whether adjusting real time like a martial art professional or based of proven game theory mathematical model. He needs to have a clear objective in mind like a speaker that land a new concept, sometimes even a new paradigm shift with the new technology.

So What

Like art catching the pattern and lifting a new concept from some already existing concepts is almost like a painter and his canvas and pens. This article if you noticed was a philosophical article, catching the patterns in seemingly irrelevant topics, what goods it is doing? Well, like any piece of art, like any other piece of philosophical concept, it is not a remedy, it is not life changing but an invitation to deeper reflection, next time you engage in another activity, check out the artistic elements of it, for one thing, you may enjoy the knowing that you are an artist even if you don't have a painting in a big museum, you may be able to use the learning from one context and apply it to another one and last but not the least enjoy everything you do exactly like an artist does with open mind and imagination.

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