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From Thought to Action

You may have been there, reflected on a solution long enough that you could see it in your mind, you could describe it on paper, you could communicate it, you could plan for it but you still didn't take the last step to make something out of it.

When I was programming, I normally had a problem, came up with a solution, created a conceptual architecture, broke it to components, designed the components, sketched one algorithm at the time, and in early days I even wrote the program on a piece of paper, and I could clearly see I am still in the thought process and not yet in action.

Well, obviously I needed a programming environment, a language, an editor, a written program, a compiler and a executable, testing environment, an execution environment and the most importantly, something to trigger the execution.

In reality, there are many program written which are never used in practice. As long as a program is not part of a solution.

The solution should be also answering a real question and as long as that solution is not adopted, and nothing triggers the execution, well that piece of code will never get used.

You may have been thinking about your career, making yourself heard, building your own ideas, services, expanding a contact network and offering your services. As long as there is no trigger for execution, nothing will move forward.

So the real question is “what is needed to take the last step and trigger the execution?” And the answer is, “specific state of mind”. It is exactly like the state machine in which you cannot jump from one state to another randomly, and you need to get a specific input in a specific state to trigger an action moving you to a new state.

Then it is clear from state of “thought” to state of “action” the right trigger is positive emotion that generates enough energy to get you moving.

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