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Catching Opportunities

You will never invest to buy a TV or any other appliances for home and not plug it in to use it. When I was a little girl, I recall some families had fancy appliances at home which was just for decoration. For example some family had vacuum cleaner at home but kept sweeping the carpets with broom. This was the case in my grandmother’s home. when I look around now, I see the same funny approach right now.

Individuals and Companies

Some of the knowledge, skills and solutions we own are similar to my grandmother of handling the vacuum cleaner, more sign of luxury but they are never really plugged in for real use. These knowledge and skills get outdated unlike my grandma vacuum cleaner that still would be useful even though probably not as effective as the new variants of vacuum cleaners. While this is the case for many individuals, it is also clearly the hidden cost for many companies and business owners.

Some of the technical solutions the academia or companies create get outdated as newer solutions are simply removing the need for the older ones. Some of the technical solutions should have expiration date on them exactly like medicine. Some of the technical solutions are so costly and difficult to use that the patients turn to alternative medicine. (Not to get distracted from the subject but I like to imagine what would be the equivalent of alternative medicine (e.g homeopathy or acupuncture) for cloud native solutions).

Individuals’ Talents

Many great skills and talents in individuals are not ever exposed primarily because of fear of judgement, and lack of time or lack of purpose, or simply because the person doesn’t have any clue about the value he can bring to others by sharing his talent. In the world driven by economy, it is difficult for people to see the economical value of exposing their contribution, and they don’t find a clear and convincing answer to “what for?”. Instead of trying to find the answer to that question, try to answer another question, “what will happen if you don’t share your gift or wait too long before you do?” perhaps nothing drastic but it certainly either expires or becomes irrelevant in another way.


For business owners there are a bunch of other reasons why they don't bring their novel technologies and solutions to the market. The rules of the market are a little more complicated. The market is best fueled by competition which in simple way, it means, if the product or solution is too unique and there is no comparable, and no one else is talking about it, there is a good chance that the company will not scale to spread the word and shows the value of the solution to a wide enough audiences to make a scalable business out of it.

Simple Solution

Don't wait too long, the time will outdate novelty, if you are not certain, just go ahead and offer your personal gift voluntarily and if you are a company, just open it for use through an OpenSource project. Even though, there will be a cost of delivering it for you, it will increase the chance of its being used. The performance, complexity and cost of the new solutions normally is the biggest hindrance for adopting them and obviously that is one of the reasons behind the success of some of the OpenSource solutions. They at least remove the cost of buying the solution even though they may not necessarily be easy to use.

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