Few Past Events

It is always a privilege for me to get to share my ideas, learnings and reflections on Technology, Leadership or diversity. Sharing is caring. 

December 2019

Ericsson Technology Conference

I got to share my ideas of network compute fabric, a perfect combination of low latency network and high speed processing. The high speed processing is powered by fast links among processors and low latency networks are made with perfect digital signal processing and smart computing the the network. 

November 2019 

Ericsson Leadership Summit

Together with some great colleagues we shared a panel discussion on leadership best practices in fast changing and high speed transformation in industries. Changing approach from problem solving to positive vision driven. 

July 2019 

IEEE Edge, Milano Italy

Shared a panel discussion on Edge to discuss many different descriptions, different players, and different business models that can facilitate extra advantages for certain type of usecases to be running on the edge of the network

June 2019 


Panel discussion on autonomous computing challenges. With the wave of digitalisation and cyber physical systems, the complexity is increasing. Now we need to consider not only the end to end system but also various administrative domains and the effect of automation in one on the entire system. 

June 2019 

Cloud Control Workshop 

Yearly event, a fantastic gathering of thought leaders from small and big industries with PhD students and well known professors, in a unique atmosphere of non-marketing technical discussion, purely focused on the intellectual technical exchange. 

June 2019 

Järvaveckan Stockholm 

Panel discussion with a fantastic group of representatives from few high tech companies in Sweden together with few school representative. We opened up the discussion about the challenges and way to facilitate and encourage the entrance of the girls in Technology and software development. 

May 2019

First Quantum Link 

Together with some of my colleagues and our friends at KTH, I had the honour to present to the King of Sweden the quantum computing concepts and some of the steps ahead of us before we can be ready to see wide usage of it in industry. 

April 2019 

On Remote Robotics

Explaining the complex technical concepts such that the real user of them can connect and see the value it can bring to their daily job is an interesting challenge. I had the pleasure to explain one of my favourite topics Remote Robotics. 

March 2019 

International Women day 

I was happy to express my view of diversity, purpose and the means to get there. I wish there was a day we didn't need to talk about this topic anymore, that would be the day that the differences of colour, gender, background, and shape and size would not affects our evaluations of the values each person offers. 

February 2019 

Mobile World Congress 

It was a good platform to share my ideas on future technologies, well what I like to predict and then put my mind and time on facilitate build up of those technologies. I share my ideas in a video clip included in the details. 

October 2018 

System Analysis and Modeling, Denmark

The applications demand high level of resiliency and robustness and accept no failure in the underlying platform. in a keynote, I described the common challenges with relevant technologies and where the formal methods for system design and verification can potentially become applicable

September 2018 

SoftCom, Split, Croatia

The algorithms for smart processing as well as hosting the applications at edge of the network requires computing to be present at the edge. Edge computing pressed for scalability and flexibility that can be provided by cloud technologies, calls for edge cloud to be an integrated part of the 5G network. 

June 2018 

Cloud Control Workshop

A fantastic gathering of thought leaders from small and big industries with PhD students and well known professors, this time I shared the challenges of industrial adoption of new technologies. It is a journey from a concept proven in a lab to its wide adoption in industry. 

June 2018 

ICSE Conference, Sweden

I enjoy the participation in the conference, and it was an honour to listen to Margaret Hamilton. I even asked her a question on how to bring system thinking to rapidly (hacking based) developing systems these days as I see it being a dangerous trap with underestimated consequences 

June 2018 

Lindholmen Software Conference, Sweden 

Here I had a keynote speech on SW development process and the increasing complexity of the software execution environment. We need not only to think about cloud native software, but also cloud native operating systems. 

May 2018 

NyTekniken Breakfast Seminars

In a series of seminars, I shared my view of the digitalisation of the industries and few mandatory components such as 5G, IoT and most importantly next generation of cloud which brings the appropriate low latency computing platform to the mix. 

April 2018 

Ericsson Research Open day- Edge

This time I started my talk by asking the question that was on everyone's mind: where is the Edge in Edge cloud. While in abstract way, the edge is about bringing the computing closer to user to accommodate for low latency and privacy, it would still depends on the provider and the solution they offer. 

April 2018 

Panel Discussion, From Cloud to Quantum

Learning from the cloud computing as a remedy for flexible amount of computing without the burden of taking care of the infrastructure, we can it will still not address the high capacity computing that could be provided by quantum computers. 

Blog coming up
March 2018 

International Women Day 

To raise the awareness on the challenges women face in technical domain. a little lonelier perhaps and a little more adversity. The best solution not only for women but for all minority, is to stay focus and don't remove your eyes from your target. 

February 2018 

Meet Young Women in Tech

I had the pleasure to talk with a large group of women in various engineering fields and computer science. To share with them what I do and what are the potential challenges they may and that they should be energised by those challenges and not intimidated. 




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