Life Lessons

Teflon Mind

Just like a non-stick pan, that we heat up and cook the food in, your mind should engage in difficult tasks without getting stained, that is to say, clearing your mind after a busy day, should be like cleaning a non-stick pan. (Azimeh 2020) 

Collective Fear

Every feeling becomes amplified when it is shared with someone, when it is a collective feeling, it is un proportional to the reality. (Azimeh 2020) 


You can always find the hope in the midst of challenging time, just that sometimes you have to close your eyes and zoom deeper to find the hope in your heart. (Azimeh 2020) 


It is in difficult time that one can measure the depth of the soul, when the times are tough, is it you at the centre of your attention, your loved ones or the humanity.  (Azimeh 2020) 


It is hopefully the common knowledge that the true joy in life is easily  found in the most simple things, for example, a genuine smile! (Azimeh 2020) 


When there is a genuine interest and sense of curiosity in a dialogue, the conversation last much longer. (Azimeh 2020) 


Your true intention in a communication will show in the emotion that accompanies the words, even if one tries to hide the intention, the emotion will give it away. (Azimeh 2020) 


When you understood who you are in your essence, stay connected to it, regardless of the task in hand, then nothing goes wrong. (Azimeh 2020) 


Handling conflicting expectations will always balance itself in the middle of gravity of the rewards (Azimeh 2020) 


Everyone lives on a higher purpose beyond survival whether they articulate it or not and that is personal growth (Azimeh 2020) 


It is shocking to see how similar the seemingly different people in fact are, in their hopes and fears (Azimeh 2020) 


Sincerity can be masked under the daily rush of getting things done but can be sensed in an eye contact (Azimeh 2020) 

Systems & Relations

Social systems and human relationships, the more reliable and functional one is, the more dysfunctional the other one tends to become (Azimeh 2020) 


An unexpected change of event, can lead to an unexpected opportunity, something worth looking for in the midst of change (Azimeh 2020) 


Decision making process seems to get more complicated as the expected outcome becomes more critical, even though in fact it is the same process regardless of weight of outcome (Azimeh 2020) 


Sudden realisation that every experience is short lived unless it leaves a mark with your soul (Azimeh 2020) 


Projecting pleasant future suddenly makes you feel great, like the anticipation of a relax weekend at the end of a busy week (Azimeh 2020) 


It seems like we look toward an unknown future so much so that we can loose the beauty this moment offers (Azimeh 2020) 


Reading several books on how to ride a bicycle will not give the same learning as few seconds of actually riding a bike (Azimeh 2020)


I don’t know how the brain functions, but I sense it connect me to world of unknown and builds a world with what I have learned so far. (Azimeh 2020)


It is much easier to let go of emotion, when you label them, just label first, and then erase. (Azimeh 2020) 


The novel ideas, art, and even creative solutions to the daily challenges come from different place in mind than where the problems reside (Azimeh 2020) 


The most important skill in professional life is the communication, A combination of verbal and non-verbal which looking closely reveal the true intention (Azimeh 2020) 


Most of what is considered strategy is in fact tactics with relatively short lived impacts that would never replace a long term strategy (Azimeh 2020) 


From small to big projects, and from routine to innovative ones, nothing will happen as long as they have not been initiated.  (Azimeh 2020) 


The distance between physical reward for a well done job and personal satisfaction of having accomplished something difficult could be enormous (Azimeh 2020) 



A bird flies freely, or at least that is what it looks like in our eyes. That is what we envy in them. It looks like they fly aimlessly at times, that is what we envy perhaps. (Azimeh 2020)



Compensating for what should have been done in the past, is a funny business, no compensation can change the past experience. (Azimeh 2020)



The more I try to understand Time, the less I succeed, it is well said that the time is the biggest illusion of all (Azimeh 2020)


When you see what you do as an obligation, sense of heaviness, and lack of conviction follow. Turn it around, look at it with grace, lightness, flow and conviction settle in. (Azimeh 2020)

Open Mind
When you open your heart, you open your mind to fresh thoughts, then creativity becomes the norm and in your mind's eyes suddenly you will see the new possibilities. (Azimeh 2020)
Purpose of Working

We work to receive “new skills, appreciation, respect, love, reward” or at least some of these to expand and grow as a person. (Azimeh 2020)

Targets and Freedom

Till certain age there are mandatory targets to achieve (education, getting a job, building a family), after which, one feels either lost or liberated to make own targets. (Azimeh 2020)

The Observer Effect

Similar to Quantum mechanic principal in which the mere fact of existence of an observer can affect the result, we behave and even perform differently in the presence of an observer. (Azimeh 2020)

The Coin

Outward oriented actions in one moment, inward reflection in the other moment, two sides of the same coin or two state of the soul, one prerequisite of the other. (Azimeh 2020)


An “experience alone” and “a lonely experience”, two totally different experiences, while you are alone physically in one, you are alone in depth of your soul in the other one. (Azimeh 2020)


True novelty of the ideas, in art or science is pretty rare, everything else seems to be logical integration and predictable increments.  (Azimeh, 2020)

First Step

You may have spent a lifetime of preparation to take that step to walk through an open door, just to realise that is only the First step in.  (Azimeh 2020)

As the life goes on, we continue to observe and learn, it is interesting to see the same learnings being applicable to more than one context; Seeing the same patterns in technology and leadership contexts is my favourite.