She is passionate about discoveries, predicting and building the future proof technologies. Looking for some magic by smart combination of insights on technology, business and new ways of operation. 

She is a technologist by education, an artist at heart and a leader by nature. Having lived, studies and worked on three different continents, she has learned to see and admire the cultural differences while her passion and interest in technology remained consistent. Currently she is research director at Ericsson and member of board of directors and Industrial Advisory board in Wallenberg center for quantum technologies (WACQT) as well as member of board of director for process Industry and IT Automation (PiiA) as they are her favourite topics.

You can see some detail of her professional life below.


Quantum Technologies 

Board member of Wallenberg Program for Quantum Technologies



Various Executive Leadership Trainings 

Boston University 


Board member of Process Industry, IT and Automation program


Concordia University, Canada

PhD in Electrical Engineering, Mobility and IP

Network Compute Fabric

Director of Research, Ericsson 

Cloud Technologies 

Director of Research, Ericsson 

Remote Robotics

Manufacturing and Power Plants


Concordia University, Canada

MSc in Electrical Engineering, Intelligent Networks


Shahid Beheshti University

MSc in Electrical Engineering, Computer Hardware