Life Lessons

As the life goes on, we continue to observe and learn, it becomes interesting to see that some learnings are applicable to more than one context, and are almost universal; Seeing the same patterns in technology and leadership contexts is my favourite.

Beginning and End

Every beginning has an End associated with it, otherwise it would not have been a beginning, this is specially the case for all man-made concepts.  (Azimeh Dec 30 2019)

Smart Thing to Say 

I learned it a hard way, it is not always smart to say every smart thing that comes to your mind, silence is then smarter.  (Azimeh Dec 28 2019)

Paradigm Shift

Paradigm shift by definition is “A fundamental change in approach or underlying assumptions”, watch around and you see smart people who want to ride the new paradigms but keep their old assumptions!  (Azimeh Dec 27 2019)

Artist and Business leader

There is a difference between an artist and a business leader. While the artist creates something from his imagination, the business leader creates from what is already available. Both are creative, just that the artist has a limitless supply.  (Azimeh Dec 26 2019)

Cultural Value

Each social entity, be it a person, a group, or a country has a cultural value hidden in plain sight. (Azimeh Dec 25 2019)

Universal Language

There is one universal language and that is learned in “silence”. It is more powerful than any other communication skill you have mastered. (Azimeh Dec 24 2019)

Searching and Finding

What if the joy of searching is bigger than the joy of using what you find. Then you realize, it is the searching that feeds the soul and not the object of search (Azimeh Dec 23 2019)

The Journey and the Vehicle

There is a good chance that the vehicle changes the journey from an “exciting exploration of unknown” to something completely different; that is when the vehicle has become the main focus of the journey..  (Azimeh Dec 22 2019)

Your Life, Your Business 

Your life was always your business; just that sometimes you forget you are the CEO,CFO, CMO, ...  and staff at the same time.  (Azimeh Dec 21 2019)

Perfection and Liberation

Unless you let go of your ideas of perfection, you cannot sense the liberation, the heaviest chain you carry is your own idea of perfection  (Azimeh Dec 20 2019)

Employee and Employer 

Like kids and parents, while as a newborn the parent take care of the baby, soon the roles change and the kids sustain the notion of parenthood.  (Azimeh Dec 19 2019)

Changing Orbit 

Some events, change your life forever, they change your orbit, like the last electron needed to push the atom to the next orbit   (Azimeh Dec 18 2019)

Faster than the Flow

The unease arises when you want to move the water in the river faster than it naturally flows, depending on the slope.  (Azimeh Dec 17 2019)

No one to Impress 

It comes the time, you realise there is no one to impress, no where to go and nothing worthy enough to fight for, then you just walk the earth with a big smile.  (Azimeh Dec 16 2019)

Closed Circle 

How do you enter a closed circle, a group who don't seem to let you in their circle, well you cannot. A closed circle by definition is CLOSED. unless they open and welcome you in, and then it is not a closed circle. Best of luck!  (Azimeh Dec 15 2019)


It took me a while to realise sharing your ideas is a generous act not an arrogant one.  (Azimeh 14 2019)

Knowing and Living 

It is one thing to know intellectually, another thing to experience what you know and yet another thing to become the living example of it.  (Azimeh Dec 13 2019)


The knowledge about the knowledge is power, the knowledge about power is beyond mastery and mastering the power is worthy quest (Azimeh Dec 12 2019)

Trusting Life 

As a parent, comes a time you have no choice but trusting the universe is going to take care of your child, and once you have done that, everything else is easy to trust.  (Azimeh Dec 11 2019)


Your expression is what you communicate verbally or in writing but also who you are, and a mismatch between what you say and who you are translates as inauthentic.  (Azimeh Dec 10 2019)

Depth of the Passing moment 

The life is transformed when you become aware of the depth of seemingly passing moments, regardless of what is happening on the surface.  (Azimeh Dec 9 2019)

Fish out of Water 

How many fishes have asked: where is the water? actually none, It is us who see them in and out of the water ask this question, i am wondering, which questions WE have never asked.  (Azimeh Dec 8 2019)

A Team 

Every group come together for a common purpose, they don't have to share religion, or any other belief.  (Azimeh Dec 7 2019)

Science and Technology 

Science and  Technology are like tow legs of the same body, when one takes a step forward, the other one can take the next step even further ahead.  (Azimeh Dec 6 2019)

Shooting Arrow 

When shooting arrow one hand point upward and the other arm is pulling back, and you need to stand on a very solid ground, predicting the future is the sam, need a solid ground and anchoring in the past.  (Azimeh Dec 5 2019)

Delegate Confusion 

The key skill for a leader is to delegate, when the leader doesn't know what is what, it is his confusion that is delegated.  (Azimeh Dec 4 2019)

Fish out of Water 

A fish out of water doesn't last long, unless it manage to develop lungs to capture the air , a message to all who work and live out of their home country, adapt to new culture if you want to be that fish .  (Azimeh Dec 3 2019)

Knowing it All

The knowledge that is not triggering any action, is pretty worthless, unless the knowledge is that No action is the best action.  (Azimeh Dec 2 2019)


While you may be enraged about lack in your life, others may be envying what you have got.  (Azimeh Dec 1 2019)